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Mildmay Primary School

with a Resource Base for Deaf Children

“Growing, Caring and Learning Together”


Making Easter Nest cakes

The Big Draw

BSL week 2024

Science Week 2024

Sneaky shadows, bugs and Sublime Science

We were looking for roots and new growth in the garden. We enjoyed helping to tidy up the garden whilst spotting roots.

Keeping our garden tidy

Spring Walk - We walked around the School site looking for signs of Spring.

In Maths we have been applying our number knowledge and writing numbers, in order, to 10. We have also being learning about mass and capacity by weighing and measuring things. 

Our Maths Learning

We have created a new display focusing on why things change. We did some winter art, and learned all about ice and why it might melt.

Our new topic - Why do things change?

We did an experiment in Science. We found out how the Candy Canes changed when they were submerged in different liquids.

Science experiment

We went on a sleigh ride to visit Santa's Workshop using the new VR headsets!

A Santa Sleigh Ride

We started our new reception class and spent lots of time doing activities to build relationships and make friends in our class and across the year group. We have had lots of fun exploring the outdoor area and using the new bikes and scooters.

Starting Reception and Making Friends

Autumn Walk

During the first half term we went on our Autumn Walk. This meant that we walked over to the Upper School Field and looked for all the different things we could find to show how the seasons change. We collected acorns, leaves, conkers etc and used these to make some autumn pictures.


As part of our autumn learning, we researched hedgehogs and even made our own ones out of clay. We rolled the clay into a ball, pinched in the eyes and nose, and then used some clay tools to create the hedgehogs spikes.

Puppet Theatre

To support our Personal, Social, and Emotional Development, we made our very own Woodpecker Theatre Show. We used fingers puppets in the classroom, or puppets that we had made, to tell different stories with all of our friends.


It's Christmas Time and we have had lots of fun celebrating with lots of Christmas activities! Along with lots of activities we have done in class, we had our Christmas performances, Christmas dinner day, and our Christmas disco.

Maths - Heavier and Lighter

Within maths we were looking at heavier and lighter. We collected items from around the classroom and predicted which we thought would be heavier and used the scales to check our thinking. We found out that even if something is bigger it does not always mean that it is heavier.

Dress to Express Day

In honour of Children's Mental Health Week, we had a dress to express day. We talked about why we decided to wear these clothes and how it makes us feel (we linked this to our zones of regulation in the classroom).

Pancake Day

To celebrate pancake day, we had pancakes for snack. We had the the choice of lemon and sugar for our toppings. They were delicious! We also looked at how to make pancakes and what ingredients we needed.

Golidlocks and the Three Bears

One of our book focuses this term was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. To enhance our learning we made our own masks that we then used to retell the story with our friends.

As part of our learning, we also looked at how the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears could have ended differently. We spoke in our talk partners on the carpet to come up with ideas and then shared these with the rest of the class. We then voted on which story ending we liked the best.

Science Week

Our science week focus was animals. On Monday, we had Alapcas come to visit our school. We got to stroke them and listen to lots of different facts about them. On Tuesday, we had a minibeast talk. In this talk we got to see lots of different minibeasts, including an African snail, a millipede, a stick insect, a beetle, and a tarantula. We even got to touch them! On Wednesday, we had an Owl assembly. We saw the Owls fly across the room, it was amazing!

School Trip - Call of the Wild

For our school trip this year we visited Call of the Wild. We saw lots of different animals but our favourite animal was the meerkats! We also had a talk all about the lifecycle of a butterfly, we even got to see a chrysallis! We then explored the butterflies even more in the butterfly house, some of them got very close. We had lots of fun!

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