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Mildmay Primary School

with a Resource Base for Deaf Children

“Growing, Caring and Learning Together”

Year Two

Spring term has flown by! We have been very busy and have done lots of lovely learning! We enjoyed the excitement of science week where we made bird feeders, met alpacas, minibeasts and even owls! They flew over our heads! We thought this was amazing!

In History we have been learning about different explorers. Our favourite explorer was Amelia Earhart, we were intrigued by what happened to her and why she was never found!

In Geography we have learnt about oceans and continents. We love to sing the continent song to help us remember. 

What a busy term we have had!

We have loved our topic of The Great Fire of London and have had lots of fun learning!

Our topic is ‘London’s Burning’ and we have really enjoyed finding out about the Great Fire of London. We are becoming so enthusiastic and curious about history! We have been busy exploring key questions that enabled us to find out what life was like in London in 1666, why the fire started and why it spread. It was so much fun chalking the fire on the playground and using water squirts to try to put it out! 

In Art we have investigated hot and cold colours and the effects that these create. Our London silhouettes show the buildings during the Great Fire. We have also developed our observational drawing skills looking at how we create different textures using a pencil. During Remembrance Day we also collaged poppies using red, green and black paper. ( This can be found on our Art page).

Also as part of our Art/ Science we have been looking at natural materials, as part of this we went on an autumn walk to find Natural materials and produced a piece of art work inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.


In science this term we have been exploring different materials and learning all about plants! First of all we had a variety of different materials that we identified and described. After that we tried to see if we could stretch, twist, squash or bend different materials. We took part in an exciting experiment to see what material was best to use for a bucket to help put out the Great Fire! We found out that some materials were waterproof and some just absorbed the water and leaked through!  In our plants topic we grew cress in different conditions. We found out that a seed must have water in order to germinate and start to grow. We are looking forward to doing many more science experiments!

In Maths we have been learning all about place value and number. We have learnt that each number has tens and ones. We have also seen that multiples of ten have tens and no ones and when we count in tens from any number the ones stay the same and the tens change. We have represented numbers in different ways and we have discussed 1 ten being equal to 10 ones.  We have compared and ordered numbers as well. This has helped us to add and subtract 2-digit numbers. We know we can draw our tens and ones to help us. When we add the answer is going to be bigger. When we subtract, the answer is going to be smaller.

In English we have enjoyed a variety of writing units including writing a recipe, writing a diary story and writing poems.  We have been able to find out the purpose and audience of different types of writing and investigated their features. We love planning our own independent pieces to showcase everything that we have learnt.

We have had a lot of fun this week, creating sock snowmen using socks and rice, with pom poms to decorate.

We also created snowmen out of marshmallows and strawberry laces, yummy!




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