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Mildmay Primary School

with a Resource Base for Deaf Children

“Growing, Caring and Learning Together”

Qualified Teachers of the Deaf

What is a Teacher of the Deaf?

A Qualified Teacher of the Deaf (QToD) is a qualified teacher with the skills and knowledge required to provide quality teaching to mainstream learners and with the additional mandatory qualification and expertise in teaching deaf learners.

BATOD 2018


The Role of the Teacher of the Deaf

The mandatory qualification enables QToD to work with children and young people from 0-25.  Teachers working with deaf children need an understanding of the complexity of language and its development and how this is affected by hearing loss.

The role of QToD varies depending on the setting in which they are working.  A teacher of the deaf working in a mainstream school as part of a specialist provision involves:


  • Working in partnership with deaf learners, their parents and a range of other professionals
  • Collaborative working between the QToD and mainstream school staff; advising and supporting colleagues to meet the needs of deaf learners in class and the wider school community.
  • Undertaking specialist assessments and interpretation of results
  • Direct teaching through an enriched language input
  • Managing audiology and other specialist equipment
  • Working as part of a wider team to support the social and emotional wellbeing of deaf learners
  • Continuing Professional Development including keeping abreast of mainstream and specialist developments to inform own practice and that of mainstream colleagues where necessary

Meet the Teachers of the Deaf at Mildmay Primary School


Mrs. Verity Turner

I have worked in Deaf Education since 2007 and at Mildmay since 2010 as Head of Resource Base, formerly at the Junior school and now for the primary provision.  I hold the mandatory qualification for Teachers of the Deaf, which I completed with the University of Birmingham in 2009 and the Advanced SENCo Award from the University of Hertfordshire in 2015.  I have also supported trainee Teachers of the Deaf in Essex and Suffolk since 2014 as a teaching placement supervisor for the University of Birmingham and have completed NASBTT Advanced Mentoring and Coaching.  


I have been signing since a young age and consider myself a competent, fluent signer and am able to code-switch between English and BSL in both formal and informal communication situations as necessary, including when teaching.


Prior to working as a Teacher of the Deaf, I taught English at a large secondary school and I have taught English across Key Stages 1-5 (ages 5-18) and more recently, at EYFS.  My combined experience within mainstream and deaf education has given me a secure understanding of the learning journey of children and how deafness can impact on this as well as how barriers to learning can be overcome.


As Head of Resource Base, I am committed to leading a highly motivated and valued team with a shared passion for Deaf Education so that, in collaboration with main school staff, parents and other professionals, we can ensure Deaf children at Mildmay make progress and achieve their full potential at all phases of their education.

Mr. Simon Ash

I have been a primary school teacher, working at Mildmay since 2006.  I began by working as a year 5 and 6 teacher which I really enjoyed.  I then applied for the opportunity to train as a Teacher of the Deaf and joined the resource base for deaf children at Mildmay Junior school in 2012.  I then gained the mandatory qualification as a Teacher of the Deaf, as well as completed level 1,2 and 3 BSL courses.


Within my teaching role, maths is my main area of focus.  I currently teach a small group of deaf children their maths lessons daily, as well as providing 1:1 and small group support weekly for children being taught in mainstream classes.  I enjoy working with children to develop their knowledge of (and hopefully a love for) maths.   


Audiology is the other main area of interest within my role and I work with all of the children within the resource base to help maintain their personal hearing equipment, as well as managing the additional equipment provided within school.  Additionally, I have now completed an additional course and have gained an MSc in Educational Audiology.  As one of only two Educational Audiologists in the whole of Essex, I have now begun working one day a week for Essex County Council in a peripatetic role.  I cover Mid and North Essex, supporting a wide range of deaf and hearing impaired children with their audiological equipment.

Miss. Anna Babbs

My name is Anna Babbs and I feel proud to be part of the Resource Base team as a QToD at Mildmay Primary School. I achieved my degree BA Early Years Education and Education Studies and then studied in East London to achieve my QTS. I have been working as a Teacher since 2007 and started at Mildmay Infant school in 2011. I began working as a Teacher of the Deaf in 2016.


I have the wealth of experience of teaching throughout the primary phase and have a strong passion for our youngest learners in the Early Years. I was the Nursery Manager for 7 years at Mildmay. Helping each of the children in the Resource Base progress in all areas of their development is a privilege. With my passion and knowledge of Early Years education I help set the foundations for holistic development on which their love of learning can be built.  


I currently teach English and Phonics to a small group of deaf children within the Resource Base . I also support deaf children throughout the school working within the mainstream classrooms. I deliver groups which support; early phonics skills,  listening, turn taking to ensure that all of the children can thrive and grow in a positive environment.

Miss. Karen Hoppitt


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